Making Your IT Better!

Home Users

FlyWire is able to assist with any technical issues including the following:

  • Performance problems. Is your computer not as fast as it used to be?
  • Pop ups interfering with you internet browsing?
  • Suspect your machine might be infected with something nasty? We have all the latest tools to scan your pc and remove anything that shouldn't be there!
  • Need to upgrade but not sure what to get? We can help.
  • Networking problems? Got a network but something isn't working right? Got a couple of computers that you want to connect up and not sure how to set it up? Domain or workgroups, we can help.
  • Wireless. Want to share your broadband connection with your laptop, iPhone, and your desktop computers? No problem. Already got wireless but need some help - contact us today!
  • Got a new computer and not sure how to copy all your important data from your old one?
  • Want to connect your iPhone / Android / Blackberry / Nokia to your computer to backup or copy data, or maybe you've got a new phone and want to get your contacts and files from the old phone?
  • Want to set up a media server to stream music or videos to your HD television?
  • Or maybe you just want to buy a laptop and need some advice on how to choose between laptops and netbooks, or between iPad and Android tablets? Call us for a chat.