It seems you can’t open a website these days without hearing about “The Cloud”. 


What is it?

Put simply, it’s a way of buying or renting your IT services from an specialist company instead of looking after your own.

What are the advantages?

The answer is, it depends on your business. Cloud solutions are perfect for some services, such as email, but no good at all for others. So it depends on how your business operates, and how you use IT. 

Let’s say you have an email server on site that processes all of your external and internal email, such as Microsoft Exchange. That’s a very capable but complex product, and requires specialist knowledge to make the best use of it. Perhaps a good solution would be to move your email service to a cloud-based service, where you can still have all the features it offers, but let someone else take care of the day to day running, and all the patching and upgrades. So you always have an up to date, perfectly maintained and secure email system that you can access from anywhere, on almost any device at almost any time, and all for just a small monthly cost.

What are the disadvantages?

Data security and protection is one of the areas that is most commonly questioned. As is often the case, there is some truth and some myth to this. It’s obvious that if your data is no longer on your server in your server room, and is instead in a data centre somewhere, then you don’t have the same level of control. However, what is also true is that the big companies providing these solutions know that if they lose your data or anyone else’s they could go out of business. So they are employing the best people and the best security practices to keep your data secure. 

What should I do?

We would be happy to discuss your business requirements with you and understand what you need. If a cloud service is the right solution for you we will be happy to assist with the migration of your data and set it all up for you. We can talk “techie” on your behalf with the providers and make sure that your business gets the right solution!

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