This is a specialised service that is offered on a case by case basis and only after examination of the faulty device. In many cases, we are able to recover most or all of the data from a damaged disk, but there are never any guarantees with this.

We use specialist software and hardware tools to analyse the disk at a deep level – literally reading every single part of the disk to see if there is data there. This process can take hours, and especially with today’s large multi-terabyte hard drives, it can take a very long time.

If you have a computer or an old hard drive that you would like us to scan for data, please contact us.

What we need:
• If the whole computer won’t turn on, we can probably still recover data from the disk. We need the whole computer.
• If its an external hard drive that powers on, we need the whole unit with the power supply. If it doesn’t turn on any longer, we just need the unit. We will open the unit to remove the hard drive itself. NOTE: this process may well result in the destruction of the plastic casing because they are not designed to be opened easily.

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