Mobile Solutions

Flywire has extensive experience in designing and supporting mobile solutions, and we are completely vendor neutral. We would be happy to discuss your requirements, and then recommend a solution to you. 


iPads and Tablets

Are you considering deploying these in your business? Many businesses are reaping the benefits of the convenience of these amazing devices. 

  • “Instant on” means they are ready to go when you are. No waiting to boot up your laptop or netbook.
  • A battery that lasts a whole working day 
  • Light, slim and portable


Flywire can…

  • Supply a trial iPad for you to test in your business to see if it works for you
  • Set up your iPads or tablets to connect to your email account(s)
  • Help you define the security and settings that you want, and ensure those settings are applied to each device.
  • Recommend and set up apps to accomplish your work
  • Support your existing iPads and tablets and help make them more productive.


Mobile Phones

Do you need to deploy mobile phones but are not sure whether to choose iPhone or Android?  Blackberry or Windows Mobile?

We can advise you on the pros and cons of each and will work with you to decide which solution meets your needs. 

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