Is your computer slow? Lots of computers were (and still are) sold with the traditional type of hard drive which has a spinning disk inside. These are very cheap, but are not as fast as the more modern type, called Solid State Disk (SSD). These have no moving parts and are much, much faster.

The good news is that most laptops, PC’s, iMacs and Macbooks can be upgraded to use an SSD! If you have a very cheap laptop it might not make financial sense to upgrade, but if you have an older iMac for example, installing an SSD will make it faster than when you bought it, and save you buying a new one! We have upgraded all iMacs from 2009 model onwards, and it truly gives the machine a new lease on life. Much cheaper than buying a new one, and more environmentally friendly too!

If you have a newer model Macbook Pro or Air and running out of space on the built-in SSD, we can replace it with a larger capacity disk, and you won’t lose any data.

All our SSD upgrades include the following:

  • Collection and delivery if required
  • All parts are new, and we only use top quality parts that are tried and tested and have an excellent manufacturer warranty. Typically, the SSD comes with a 3 – 5 year warranty
  • Newer iMacs need replacement adhesive strips to be fitted (the glass front is bonded to the aluminium shell). We have the correct tools to complete this work – it needs to be done with great care.
  • Data migration – we will move all your existing data exactly as it is onto the new disk, so you will get the machine back exactly as you had it before, just faster. All your applications, files, preferences are copied exactly. This uses a process called “Disk imaging”.
  • All internal parts are cleaned using compressed air to blow out dust and ensure the fans and ventilation systems are able to work effectively
  • The old hard drive can either be returned to you, or we will securely erase the disk to destroy the data, and then send the drive for proper recycling.
  • Where possible, we can also upgrade the memory (RAM) at the same time, and you would only pay the cost of the memory itself as there is no extra work required. (note: Macbook laptops generally cannot have their RAM memory changed because it is soldered into place. Most iMacs and Windows laptops / pcs can take additional memory). We recommend 8GB of RAM to cope with today’s applications, but 4GB will do for light use.


Please contact us for current pricing as SSD prices are constantly fluctuating and you can get larger capacity for less than ever before. Typically we need the machine for 2-3 days but a same day service is often possible if required.

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