Managed IT Support

All our Managed Service packages include pro-active monitoring on each device – linked to our Cloud Management Platform. Certain issues are automatically repaired without any user action, and other issues generate an alert and a ticket so that an engineer can investigate further. This helps to prevent problems and allows us to take action before a problem or failure occurs.


Most support is carried out remotely so your staff can call us directly when they have a problem, and many minor issues can be resolved in a few minutes as we take control of their computer (with their permission!) and fix it for them.

Complement your in-house IT

There are times when your in-house IT just needs some extra help! Perhaps they are on leave, or just can’t manage a large deployment on their own. Or maybe they don’t have expertise to recommend a new system or service. We will engage with them and other business units to understand the requirements. We can step in as needed to support them – as much or as little as they need.

New services or equipment

We know you and your business, and your IT systems. This means we can give you the best recommendation for services or equipment, no matter whether you choose to buy from us or another supplier. You can leverage our partnerships and agreements with some of the largest and best global service providers:

• Internet connectivity for one or multiple office locations – from ADSL to leased lines
• Telephony / unified communications solution for 1–1000+ seats
• Software licencing
• New equipment discount, and leasing deals to help with cash flow

Ad-Hoc – Call us when you need us!

If you are moving offices, going through a hardware refresh, changing systems or just need some assistance, we are here to help.

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