Malware Protection

Today – every computer (Windows or Mac) needs high quality Antivirus / Anti-malware software installed, that is regularly updated and is capable of identifying new or so called “zero-day” attacks. Cybercrime is a huge international business worth more than the global drugs trade and every computer is a target. Often we speak to customers who say “why would anyone target us, we are such a small business” but the reality is that your data has a value to someone, no matter what it is. Additionally your computer could be infected by malware and then used in a botnet (a collection of thousands of infected computers under control of a hacker). These botnets can be used to spread spam, malware, or attach other systems. Botnets are also rented out to other hackers to use to accomplish their own malicious goals.

Many people believe that using a Mac will protect them and that they don’t need any extra protection, but that simply isn’t true. Read more about why Mac’s need antivirus protection on our blog post

Malware is a constantly evolving threat, and the bad guys are in most cases better funded, better resourced, and not restricted by laws, procedures or accountability, so it is a constant game of cat and mouse between them and law enforcement. The hackers have developed clever strategies to make their malware change itself constantly to make it more difficult to identify, and every day thousands of new versions are identified.

Our real-time threat dashboard shows the latest threats worldwide.

Ransomware is a particularly nasty form of malware designed to encrypt all your files and prevent access to them until you pay over a very large sum of money. Even then, its not unusual for the money to be taken and your files remain encrypted as the bad guys just disappear with the cash. What would the impact be to your life or business if all your files were suddenly encrypted and you couldn’t get them back? In most cases its completely impossible to decrypt the files, although there are specialist companies that can sometimes help. Either way its going to cost you tens or hundreds of thousands if you are attacked and most small companies are simply forced out of business. Prevention is so much better, not to mention cheaper!

We can supply complete security solutions including industry leading anti-virus / anti-malware / anti-ransomware protection, highly intelligent firewalls, secure WiFi and more.

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