IT is essential to every business, no matter if you’re a “one-man band” or a global multi national conglomerate. When your IT isn’t working, you are losing time and money and you need to get it working again as soon as possible. For smaller businesses, the cost of having an in-house IT person or department is usually not economical, and outsourcing will get you better value for money as well as access to greater expertise.

Lets look at some of the key drawbacks of maintaining an in-house IT person in a smaller business ( less than 100 employees )

Costs of in-house IT
An in-house IT person will incur standard employee costs such as Salary, National Insurance & Sick Pay. In addition, there will be training costs to keep them skilled up, and there is the risk of all the knowledge residing with that individual which is problematic when the person is on holiday, sick, or when they simply leave the company to further their career. Even if they don’t leave, their work will be repetitive and they will remain isolated, and they will not gain experience of different systems and technologies which could be beneficial to the business.

If you are not IT Trained, how do you:
• Recruit someone for the role, manage them and monitor their performance
• Understand if the qualifications they have are right for the role, or just look good on paper
• Evaluate if they have relevant experience

Qualification is not Experience
Just because someone holds a qualification, or even several, doesn’t mean they have the most important element: Experience. No amount of coursework and exam questions can take the place of hands-on industry experience.

Agility is crucial for any modern business, and that means their IT systems need to evolve with the business. Organisations which try to do everything themselves may have higher costs, longer implementation times, and less efficient products or solutions due to lack of knowledge and experience of industry best products and practices.

Every employee has limited time and they will naturally be distracted by other day-to-day tasks which means they cannot focus on a task or project to the same level that an outsourced expert can.

Standards and compliance
There are an ever growing number of standards and compliance obligations which must be met. In-house IT may not be able to stay up to date with requirements and the technology
to implement them, while an outsourced company probably has experience of how best to assist you meet your obligations.

In-house IT is often too familiar with the people and systems, and that can lead to a lax attitude to security. Weak admin passwords, poor password policy, firmware not updated, firewalls not secured, servers and applications not fully patched against the latest threats – these are all common issues we at Flywire encounter when taking on a new client.

Benefits of outsourcing to a quality IT Managed Service Provider such as Flywire

• No need to recruit, employ and train your own IT person or team
• Predictable costs for monitoring and maintenance, and you only pay extra when you need us. Proactive maintenance and alerting will very often prevent problems before they occur, so you can keep operating at maximum efficiency
• Access to a team of experts 24/7 and no worries about illness or holiday cover
• Benefit from experienced professionals who work across a variety of industries and clients
• Get faster support and resolution. Experienced IT Service Providers have probably seen the problem before and know how to deal with it
• Quicker access to a large portfolio of products and services, the technical expertise to recommend the right solution for you, and experience of implementing it
• Professional technicians will take ownership of the issue at hand and they can focus on it. Plus they have fast access to extra knowledge from colleagues when necessary
• Security is a priority and never overlooked in the interests of speed
• Most small businesses cannot compete with the large in-house IT teams of bigger businesses, but outsourcing to a quality IT Service Provider allows them to access and use similar technology which enables them have a competitive advantage.

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